Club Resorto Complaints – a blessing in disguise – Driving Excellence

Club Resorto aims to become an Indian Unicorn by 2030. Club Resorto is encouraging and inviting customers to critically submit reviews about all the touch points be it the Marketing Experience, Sales Experience, Customer Care Experience, Booking experience, pre-, during, and post-holiday experiences. Club Resorto is also encouraging its workforce to critically examine all processes and always find avenues to delight customers every time customers interact with the company. Club Resorto is analyzing this vast data to create processes that would wow the customer to say the least. These offerings would set new benchmarks in the industry. 

With our vision 2030, Club Resorto is embarking on a journey of innovation and ambition with the customer being the epicentre of all the endeavors. As we navigate the realms of excellence and redefine industry standards, we are investing into pioneering solutions, cultivating talent, and creating unparalleled value propositions for the customer. Club Resorto, a Unicorn in the making, is a symbol of limitless possibilities, disruptive growth, and a steadfast dedication to transforming the service standards. Together, we soar beyond expectations, shaping a legacy that transcends boundaries and marks our ascent to unicorn status.

Elaborating on Club Resorto Complaints – a blessing in disguise – Driving Excellence,  Mr. Mahender Lal, Sr. Manager- Relish, says that, “Club Resorto is celebrating complaints. We are literally telling our customers to criticize anything and everything, We are requesting our customers to criticize even their memorable vacations too.”

Why is Club Resorto requesting customers to criticize their memorable holidays? Mr. Deepak Kumar, Manager- Audit & Due-Diligence, says, Club Resorto engaged a leading multinational consulting firm in April 2023 to help us in preparing our Vision 2030 document. They submitted their suggestions and report by 31 July. We discussed the market and the best practices. We were looking for a point of reference on the best practices. And to our utter surprise, our consulting firm found none in our industry. We had hit the jackpot! We found that we were navigating through immense possibilities and we had to chart our course as we had no point of reference in India. We brainstormed on this and an idea clicked. Why don’t we request our customers to become our devil’s advocate? And this paved us to CRCMP- Club Resorto Customer Meet Programme.”

Club Resorto formed Team CRCMP consisting of some of the senior executives of the Customer Care Department. We started meeting customers throughout the country and the response was overwhelming. We added more people in Team CRCMP and now gunning for 10,000/- customer meets by 31 March 2024. 

Mr. Sajid Khan, Chief Delight Officer, heading Team Delight, says, “CRCMP opened the doors for huge possibilities. We are not only getting amazing testimonials, we are also getting invaluable suggestions that our discerning customers share from their life experiences, it also revealed some loopholes in our system that we bridged by divining the Customer Care Team into 9 distinct divisions and putting them under one umbrella of Club Resorto Customer Delight Centre.”

With the arrival of CRCDC, adds Ms Khyati Desai, Vice President, Human Resources, “We realized that we need the next-gen training modules for our people and get them ready for our Vision 2030 of attaining the Unicorn status. And this laid the foundation of CRRTC- Club Resorto Research and Training Center. CRRTC is responsible for three functions- a) Talking to the Club Resorto workforce, understanding the challenges in the day-to-day functioning, and developing the training modules with better solutions to train the Club Resorto workforce and upgrade their skills. b) Coordinate with the Digital Team and IT department and share the learnings to improve our online processes to serve the customers better. c) Hire fresh candidates and train them. To evaluate all applications for different available positions and hire the right candidates with a knack for customer service. To keep on upgrading the training modules for new joiners so that they can service the aspirations of our discerning travelers.”

Ms Ruchi Chaudhary, Executive, Club Resorto Gift Vouchers and a member of Team Relish adds, ” 93% of Club Resorto Complaints are untraceable fake complaints or related to irresponsible use of Club Resorto Gift Vouchers. A detailed report can be found at “

The genuine complaints are addressed with an agile response, like Mr. Vasanth Vignesh B, Customer ID- CRHL-XXXXX3-XXX9, from Chennai shared his issues with us. A team member from CRCMP Team connected with Mr. Vasanth and he gave us his feedback as, “Had taken up the 10 year package. The tie-up hotels and resorts are vast and good. Had already availed 2 holidays with them. The properties were good. The only place where they should improvise is the booking process as the bookings could be done only through email and it will take 4 to 5 emails and a few days to confirm the booking. I could see that the company is working on customer satisfaction and trying to fetch the best for the clients which I really welcome and appreciate.Very recently a person named Mr. Pradeep reached me from Club Resorto stating he’s from the Club Resorto’s newly formed feedback and grievance redressal team and I’m glad that the company is working on to provide good customer service.”

Feedback like this helps us introspect our processes and improve them to keep the customers delighted, always.  Club Resorto  requests all stakeholders to share their suggestions and feedback about our ever-evolving processes here-

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